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Sean Burke

Sean Burke

My name is Sean Burke, and I've always had three hobbies I've been the most passionate about:

Computers, playing guitar, and of course photography.

As a kid, I'd always write the full date (occasionally even the exact time) on any projects I had worked on, or any photos I had developed. I always enjoyed having a timeline of where my memories originated from. I'm not sure exactly when I became fully aware of the importance of keeping track of this information, but I knew that things were always changing in life.

Unfortunately, you never know how things will change, and it can be incredibly uplifting to look back on photos from a special occasion. People get married, parents have lives before and after they have children, people pass on. People change and places change, and photography is one of the few ways we can preserve the big moments in life-- and the little moments.

I have plenty of photos of lost friends and family members who I'll never get to see again, but I can look back on the memories (the photos) and remember just how simply human they were. I can remember what they brought into this life, and the lessons they may have taught me.

I can also of course look back on the great times with those who are still with us, remembering that life isn't always about working a monotonous 40-hour a week job, or paying bills, or stressing over dreadful politics. It's about getting families and friends together, having a great time, exploring new experiences, and sharing happiness with others-- even if, no, especially if it starts to rain. 

I started Central Vermont Photography with the belief that professional photography doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. I can let you enjoy your day, and I'll capture as much of your day as I possibly can. Memories that will be with you forever, and memories that you own. 

I've lived in Vermont my entire life, and I fully understand that there are many families here who simply cannot afford to pay $3000+ for 4 hours of wedding photography, or $150+ for a 30 minute portrait session. I keep my pricing super low because, hey, I get it. If it were all about making a huge profit, I know I wouldn't enjoy it as much, and that would detract from the quality of my work. 

I'll show you a photographer who is affordable, but not lacking in quality. A photographer who is dedicated, on-time, reliable, and absolutely passionate about what they are doing. Definitely reach out to me if you're interested, and I will gladly work with you to set up a photo shoot, or even a FULL day of coverage for your wedding and reception. 

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