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As the photographer behind Central Vermont Photography, I am fully committed to providing a service that is professional, and also incredibly affordable. 
My pricing model is different from the competition in a way that favors affordability, while also providing a high quality, professional service. 

My pricing is based on round-trip miles traveled from my home in Barre, VT-- keeping things extra affordable for anyone local, while also keeping myself affordable and available for those who need me to travel further. 

A key part of my pricing philosophy is of course that my services should not cost you an arm and a leg, but I also refuse to charge with restrictions that many other photographers place on their services and their hired time. For instance, I do not limit the number of outfit changes, nor do I limit the number of photos you'll receive. Within reason, I can also travel between multiple locations to capture photos, without any additional costs to you, my client.

Printed portraits can be ordered as professional, high-quality prints directly through this website. I HIGHLY recommend photos are printed this way.

A 1-hour photo or similar service can be super cheap, and while I give full permission for customers to use these services to develop their photos, I can say with total honesty that the quality of the prints at these kiosk printers never, ever compare in quality to any prints ordered through this website. For the best prints, use a professional printing service like what I have available online. 

I'm also perfectly flexible with how much time I can stick around to capture your wedding, event, or even portrait photography. 

For the sake of accuracy, my pricing distinguishes between event coverage vs portrait coverage based on whether or not you're hiring me for less than 2 hours, or in excess of 2 hours. 

If you're here, you've seen some of my work, and now you've read perhaps too much text about my pricing model. If my services interest you, definitely reach out to me through email or the Central Vermont Photography Facebook page. 

For an (almost) instant estimate on pricing, check out the awesome link below and enter in the name of the town or city your event, wedding, or portrait photography will be taking place in.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you soon!
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